Zodiac MX8 Review | Suction Pool Cleaner


This article reviews the Zodiac MX8 cleaner and its comparison to the Zodiac MX6 to help you make the best decision.

Owning a swimming pool is all fun and good until its time to clean it. It is necessary to maintain your pool more so if you use it regularly. In this modern-day era, you do not have to break the back scrubbing every inch of pool space because suction-side pool cleaners can do the hard work for you.

The Great Zodiac MX8

Automatic pool cleaners recently gained popularity. I will discuss the Zodiac MX8 automatic pool cleaner and explain how the technology works.

Zodiac MX8 Review | Suction Pool Cleaner
A modern pool cleaner is affordable and effective.
Zodiac MX8 Review | Suction Pool Cleaner

How Suction-Side Pool Cleaners Work

Automatic pool cleaners get their name ‘suction-side’ because they have a suction generating motor. They need the suction process to function. Connecting the Zodiac MX8 to a skimmer or suction line makes it function like a waterproof vacuum cleaner, except it can climb up walls and move without handling. They move around your swimming pool automatically, covering all areas.

They require the pool pump running for movement and cleaning. They collect debris and direct them to the pool filtration system. The efficiency of the suction-side automatic pool cleaner relies on the power of the pump. They can clean dirty pools, making them an upgrade from a pressure-side or robotic pool cleaner.

MX8 Side View And Hose.
MX8 Side view and hose.
MX8 Side View And Hose.

Main Automatic Pool Cleaner Comparisons

There are many automatic pool cleaners, including pressure-side and robotic cleaners being the most popular. All the cleaners have their pros and cons, but I will focus on the differences that make the suction-side cleaner a better option. Suction-side cleaners cannot win in every category, but they are good enough to pose competition to the others.

They’re Not Too Expensive

I believe robotic vacuum cleaners excel in all aspects of this comparison. However, pick the best one only if you have the money to spend on one. As expected, the market is flooded with cheaply dubbed models, but an original robotic vacuum cleaner cost a lot more than a suction-side cleaner is. Suction-side cleaners are cheap enough for anyone owning a swimming pool to afford. They have different price points, and even the powerful Zodiac MX8 (or Zodiac MX6) is attainable without breaking the bank.

Triton Plus: Highly rated and efficient robot cleaner

Triton Plus
Expensive, but this is the ultimate robotic pool cleaner.
Triton Plus

Fewer Parts Are Needed For It to Work

The biggest drawback of pressure-side cleaners is their reliance on a booster pump. The increase in water flow is essential for the cleaner’s proper functioning, although it is optional. You will not need an extra pump for a suction-side cleaner. The Zodiac MX8 allows you to control water flow with a valve.

Not As Much Maintenance Is Required

Suction-side pool cleaners like the Zodiac MX8 or MX6 have few moving parts, making their maintenance easier. Even though the cleaners do a great job of cleaning debris, you will have to maintain the pool filtration system because that is where the debris ends up.

Installing the MX8 and MX6 pool cleaner

A Suction-Side Cleaner Will Last Longer

Suction-side cleaners have a combination of features that make them last longer than pressure-side or robotic cleaners. That, plus being cheap, explains why they are popular with consumers. However, the cause wear and tear of the pool pump and filtration system, something the robotic cleaner will not tamper with because it functions independently.

Zodiac Swimming Pool Products

Zodiac is one of the largest manufacturers of advanced swimming pool products, and they have many leading brand names under their hood. Their Zodiac MX8 and Zodiac MX6 automatic suction-side pool cleaners have gained momentum, but their pool covers have worldwide recognition. Later in the article are in-depth discussions on the Zodiac MX8 and the smaller Zodiac MX6.

The Zodiac MX8 Features You’ll Love

In the Zodiac product line, the Zodiac MX8 is the premium product packing many features missing in similar suction-side models. You will love this product because of its superior design.

Zodiac MX8 | Suction Pool Cleaner

Zodiac MX8 | Suction Pool Cleaner
Similar engineering to what Dyson vacuums use.
Zodiac MX8 | Suction Pool Cleaner

The MX8 works well in private in-ground pools of all shapes and can clean the walls and floor.

I recommend you check out these documents for the MX8 automatic pool cleaner:


  • Max-drive: smart technology with 32 built-in cleaning paths using dual navigation controls
  • Power turbine: The more powerful the pump, the more efficient the clean
  • X-Trax: Designed for versatility to maneuver all pool obstacles
  • Dual cyclonic vacuum: Produces powerful suction.
  • Flow regulator valve: Maintains the water flow.
  • Twist lock hose: Long-lasting (8 x 1.2m) solid connecting the hose and cleaner head.
  • Quieter than most diaphragm-based cleaners
  • 36 feet cord hose
  • Picks up leaves, small debris sand, and silt

Get more information from the Zodiac Pool Systems site. I recommend checking the site for a possible rebate.



  • Connection point: Weir.
  • Poll size: 12m x 6m max.
  • Installation guide: Comes with an instruction manual.
  • Technology: Max-drive.
  • Cleaning cycle: 12h in summer/ 8h in winter.
  • Hose type and length: Pearl Blue Twist Lock Hose/ 9.6m (8 x 1.2m).
  • Filter pump: 0.6kw min.
  • Seed: 8 meters per min.

Overview of the MX8 Pool Cleaner

Included accessories: Weir valve, Twist lock elbow, 8 x 1.2m twist lock hose, Flow regulator valve, Hose float, Hose protector, Warranty.

Zodiac MX8
Everything is in the package.
Zodiac MX8

Flex-Power Turbine

A Flex-Power Turbine ensures that the Zodiac MX8 works seamlessly in low water flow conditions. As discussed earlier, the result depends on your pool pump’s power, but this Flex-power turbine makes it possible to achieve the desired results using low power pumps. It uses less flow (30% less flow), saving energy and is safe for the environment.

MaX-Drive Navigation System

The Zodiac MX8 has a maxDrive dual navigation system built in it to maximize the cleaning area. This ensures it cleans every inch of any pool size or shape but cannot climb us stiff angles, making perfect sense.

Troubleshooting the MX8

Maximum Suction Power

The Zodiac MX8 has a dual cyclonic vacuum that maintains optimum suction power. This gives the cleaner the ability to climb inclined walls and stay up right when it bumps into obstacles. Be careful using the Zodiac MX8 if your pool has vinyl because of this power. Repair the damages to the pool’s floor or underside before using the Zodiac MX8.

A Wide Cleaning Path

The Zodiac MX8 covers a wider cleaning path than other models, generally taking less time to cover a wider area. Automatic pool cleaners take long to clean pools because of the forward background movement, but it takes less time to cover a wider ground. Combine this, and the fact that it can move faster makes it a relatively quicker model.


It’s Very Easy to Set Up

The time taken to clean an entire pool varies with the shape and size of the pool. However, how fast it is to install and start using a pool cleaner varies with the features it comes with. Generally, suction-side cleaners are easy to set up, but the Zodiac MX8 surpasses all other models. The twist locking hose with an airtight seal connects everything in seconds. The 39 feet hose should be enough to cover most medium-sized pools.

Video | How to Install the Zodiac MX8

Large and Small Debris Mode

The large and small debris mode allows you to switch to either and handle different sizes of debris. Learn how to use this feature in the instruction manual. Initially, it is auto-tuned to small debris mode to deal with sand and stones. It is advisable to reset this setting and use the large debris mode on things like leaves. You should remove large branches and objects manually.

Zodiac MX6 | Automatic Pool Cleaner

Zodiac MX6 | Automatic Pool Cleaner
No reverse function.
Zodiac MX6 | Automatic Pool Cleaner


  • Cyclonic suction that creates powerful suction.
  • X-drive navigation for intelligent navigation and maximize the pool cleaning space.
  • Automatic optimized flow control to regulate water flow.
  • Low-flow energy design and variable speed with two-speed pumps plus solar.
  • Flex power turbine to supplement the pool pump.
  • Easy-grip handle for moving and placement.
  • Quickly connect attachments.
  • Twist locking hose that is easy to connect and prevents vacuum loss.

Looking at the two models (Zodiac MX8 and Zodiac MX6), they are very similar. Below is a discussion on the minor differences between the two models.

The Zodiac MX6 Won’t Reverse

The Zodiac MX6 cannot reverse. It has a unidirectional control box that makes the unit turn if one side stops propelling. However, the reverse feature in the Zodiac MX8 is not a necessity because the pool would still be clean without it.

Video | Zodiac MX6 vs MX8

It’s Easier to Carry Around

The Zodiac MX6 is lighter than the Zodiac MX8, and the left side handle makes it easy to draw out of the pool and carrying around. However, the size difference and lack of two turbines mean a smaller cleaning path and longer cleaning duration.

Different Number of Hoses

The Zodiac MX8 comes with 12 one-meter hoses, while the Zodiac MX6 comes with 10 of the same hoses. This is because the latter works the best in smaller pools.

Important Things to Remember

Compared to the Zodiac MX8, the Zodiac MX6 is fairly just as good and effective. Most consumers prefer it, but it ultimately relies on personal preference. Below is a discussion on important things a user should know after procuring either of the models.

Video | Review of the Zodiac MX6

Use the FlowKeeper Valve

Both models have a FlowKeeper valve that works in single skimmer swimming pools. It allows you to control the flow for optimum functioning of the cleaner and the pump. Misusing the FlowKeeper valve will yield underwhelming results.

Vinyl Lining Swimming Pools

The two models work on any pool surface, but vinyl is delicate and thus best to clean using the Zodiac cleaner before the liner is in perfect condition. Ensure the underside should be flawless.

Adjusting the Flow

A flow regulator valve redirects and regulates higher flow than needed to extend the life of the cleaner. Setting the ideal flow is necessary for the unit to work properly. Timing the rotation of wheels is all you have to check. Check the manual that comes with the cleaner to know how to do this.

Zodiac MX6
Zodiac MX6

Emptying the Pump Basket

Regularly empty the pump basket to ensure the pool cleaner is functioning optimally. You have to remind yourself about this process because it is easy to forget and may lead to blockage.

Suction-Side Pool Cleaners Are Still Supreme

Suction-side pool cleaners are in high demand than alternatives. They are a favorite to users who have no time to do the tedious cleaning. There are multiple available choices but consider the Zodiac MX8 or MX6. We discussed the minor differences, and the final decision relies on you and your pool’s size.



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