Where to Buy Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth

In this article, we will answer all questions that you have about Diatomaceous earth, such as the health benefits and where to buy Diatomaceous earth. We have also evaluated what Diatomaceous earth are, its pros and cons on pets, and whether it can kill fleas or not.

Diatomaceous Earth

Therefore, if you are considering buying Diatomaceous earth and need an authentic product, make sure that you broaden your understanding of the item before taking a financial step. This article can help with that.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, originates from small aquatic organic organisms known as diatoms. When diatoms die, their dead remains release silica – a major component of their skeletons. Over time, silica leeches from the diatoms into sedimentary rocks, creating a fossil.

The fossilized silica remains in the soil for years, where people mine it as a granulated powder substance that plays many roles. Diatomaceous earth, for instance, is one of the best alternative pest control remedies. It kills bugs naturally without harming humans or the environment. It also plays a multitude of roles in homes and commercial spaces as well.

What is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

While checking out diatomaceous earth, you will come across products marketed as “food grade.” This is one of the multiple available DE forms available in stores, so watch out. Compare the benefits of each one select a product that will satisfy your needs. Simply put, food-grade diatomaceous earth is the best as it lacks harsh additives. It comes in a pure and unaltered state, making it safe for consumption.

You probably consume a little DE whenever you order pasta or bread from your local store, as it is a common preservative for grains. The benefits are diverse but please ensure they are using food-grade DE.

Where to Buy Diatomaceous Earth

Where to Buy Diatomaceous Earth
Professionally packaged using stainless steel machinery – no contaminants.

Once you have a better understanding of the plethora of benefits that Diatomaceous Earth offers, you will not hesitate to order a bag today. Where can you get such a product? Numerous online retailers and home improvement stores carry this product, including Amazon, which sells it by the pound. Depending on your intended use, consider buying the product in bulk to get the best value for your money. The product has a long shelf life and does not lose its efficacy if you store the bags correctly. Store the product in a dry and cool place for the best results.

Some retailers offer the product in specialized packages or shake for humans and pets. However, to ensure quality, look for a package of Diatomaceous Earth labeled as 100% pure or food-grade. Avoid the brands marketed as pool filters (if you do not intend to use it in a pool). You should also avoid products derived from salt water, as they might be harmful to humans and pets. Such product contains processes crystalline silica, which is toxic to humans and the environment.

The Beauty Secret of Diatomaceous Earth

Many people spend top dollar on beauty care products every month to keep their nails, skin, and hair looking flawless. Most of these products contain silica as the main ingredient – the very substance found in Diatomaceous Earth – but which is attainable at a fraction of the cost.

Promotes Healthy Skin – Diatomaceous Earth is an abrasive product that can exfoliate and promote healthy growth of the skin. The product is 100% safe, easy to use, and clears dead cells to leave the skin young.

Stronger Hair and Nails – Apart from having young and healthy skin, DE can boost the development of strong nails and hair. It replenishes the body’s supplies, enabling it to strengthen brittle nails and hair naturally, and boosting health. Therefore, used as directed, you can reverse hair loss or nail brittleness as well by boosting the growth of new ones.

Promotes Healthier Teeth – many people might not know this but their favorite brands of toothpaste might contain silica. This mild, abrasive, and porous chemical can lift and clean tartar and plaque, leaving your teeth looking bright. To boost oral hygiene even further, mix nine parts of toothpaste with one part of 100% pure (food grade) DE in an air-tight bottle and use it to brush your teeth in the morning and at night.

2 Lb. Bag — Sold on Amazon

Diatomaceous Earth 2 Lbs Food Grade DE
Has a scoop that you can use to serve the product.


  • The 2-pound bag meets Food chemicals codex standards in the US.
  • Free scoop for serving the powder.
  • Natural, OMRI listed organic DH.
  • Mined from 100% pure freshwater diatomaceous earth (no additives).
  • Profession packaging via stainless steel machinery (no chemical additives).

Health Benefits of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

The silica in DE is the same substance found in cartilage and ligaments. Therefore, consumed in moderation, expect a vast array of health benefits. You can use the product topically as well with the best results. Finally, you can mix your pure diatomaceous earth to drinks such as smoothies and food and enjoy the plethora of health benefits it offers.

Supports Regularity – Diatomaceous Earth is an absorbent all-natural product that does not upset the digestive system. All you have to do is mix a spoonful in water or juice and drink it to detoxify your body. Use it on an empty stomach for the best experience. It not only purges the digestive system by promoting healthy bowel movements but also clears harmful toxins without compromising your health.

Promotes a Healthy Digestive System – Do you have frequent digestive problems of an unknown origin? The DE can ease such symptoms by boosting the production of collagen in the body. When collagen levels are high, the body absorbs nutrients faster and more efficiently to nourish the body. Moreover, it helps the body to purge unwanted substances and toxins, boosting the digestive system even further.

Weight Loss – Do you have a bulging stomach that has dampened your self-confidence? With Diatomaceous Earth in your system, you will have a higher metabolic rate, which can induce weight loss naturally.

Regulation of Blood Pressure –Diatomaceous Earth can lower blood pressure levels by regulating cholesterol levels.


Diatomaceous Earth for Pets

Apart from humans, Diatomaceous earth is a beneficial product to pets as well. Applied to cats or dogs, Diatomaceous Earth can get rid of ticks, fleas, worms, and other bugs that might irritate them or spread disease. However, before applying anything to your pet, make sure that it is pure and of the best quality. It works the best on clear fur so make sure that you provide your dog or cat a good scrub and clean before using it.

To Remove Fleas and Ticks

Clean your dog with soap and a quality shampoo to remove dirt and grime before dusting the coat with Diatomaceous Earth. This should happen once the coat is dry. Moreover, make sure the product does not enter the nose, ears, and eyes, to prevent irritation. You can use the same process in cats if yours does not mind having a bath often. Twelve hours after application, comb or brush your pet’s fur and clean with a moisturizing shampoo or a soap-free cleaner to prevent adverse effects. Combing/ brushing also remove dead fleas or ticks from pets.

To eradicate pests, make sure that you treat the sleeping area of your dog with DE as well. This way, you will get rid of hiding bugs and off-host stages, which are equally dangerous. Make sure that you vacuum your dog’s bedding as well to pick eggs, which are often non-responsive to DE. Repeat the treatment after a week for best results. While Diatomaceous earth is effective, it might not be suitable for pets with sensitive skins/coats or pets that hate taking baths at home.

To Get Rid of Worms

Animals, like humans, experience multiple health benefits from eating DE also. However, as we have stated before, only provide food-grade DE, as it is the safest of the bunch. It is effective against heartworms – a serious and life-threatening infection of pets that cost a lot of money every month to manage. To avoid such challenges, prevention is always better than cure. Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth can prevent such issues and save you hundreds of dollars every month! If your dog has roundworms, whipworms, pinworms, and hookworms, a single dose of DE can kill such parasites. Follow this dosing guide for the best results.

  • Small puppies or dogs that eat solid food) –½ teaspoon once daily.
  • Dogs weighing less than 50 pounds –one teaspoon once a day.
  • Dogs weighing over 55 pounds –one tablespoon once a day.

If you have a larger dog breed that weighs around 100 pounds, provide one tablespoon of DE twice every day with food. To have a noticeable effect, provide DE continuously for 30 days to disrupt the entire life cycle of parasites such as fleas. Consult a veterinarian before using it.

Deodorize Your Home

Do you have a stinking home that needs a bit of love and care? Do you remember the absorbent properties of the Diatomaceous Earth that we told you about earlier? Yes, DE absorbs bad odors to leave rooms smelling fresh and enticing. Therefore, if you have a cat at home, add the Diatomaceous Earth to its litter box to pick up moisture and bad odor, and therefore eliminate the smell. As an added benefit, it can also repel other common parasite from the litter box and create a soothing resting area for your pet. Therefore, it is a must-have product at home.

A garbage pail can release bad odors into your kitchen, even if you empty trash often. This is because trash bags have holes that leak odors. Moreover, while dumping trash, most people miss the bag, creating a mess, and releasing a bad odor. To prevent these, wash your garden pail thoroughly after emptying and sprinkle DE in it to absorb potential leaks and neutralize the bad odors of the pail.

Diatomaceous Earth as a Bug Killer

Research has shown that Diatomaceous Earth can kill bed bugs, lice, roaches, and other annoying insects found in homes. The compound irritates most species of insects and therefore offers a natural way to eliminate them from the home. Therefore, while food-grade DE is healthy and beneficial to pets and humans, it is lethal to most insects.

It kills insects on contact by sticking to the exoskeleton and absorbing fats. As such, the insect dries from the inside over time and eventually die. Moreover, the abrasive particles of Diatomaceous Earth have sharp edges that score the coat of the insects, speeding the drying process.

Bugs that are susceptible to Diatomaceous Earth include:

  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Gnats
  • Flies
  • Above-ground termites

To get rid of the foregoing common household pests, prevention is always better than cure. DE can kill them without harming pets or children. Use in areas commonly populated by bugs, which include attics, door entries, holes, corners, and cracks, to name a few. Moreover, to prevent the infestation from recurring, vacuum the treated area to pick life stages that are less susceptible to this product.


Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe?

Diatomaceous earth comes in different grades, each with its pros and cons. Food grade DE, for instance, is one of the best in the market as it 100% safe for consumption or to use on external surfaces such as the skin. However, some people have reported a few mild side effects after using this product, making it safe to consult your physician before using. You should also check the dosage and make sure it is optimal.

The main risk of using the diatomaceous earth product is its inhalation. Even though food-grade, inhaling it by accident can irritate the lungs and potentially cause respiratory diseases and even death. Even though you might have to inhale a large amount for it to exert such effects, the risk is too high to ignore. Irritation to the skin is also common among people with sensitive skin. To prevent such issues, wash your skin thoroughly whenever you get in contact with the product and then moisturize your skin. Follow these additional trips for the best results:

  • It is a good practice to cover your mouth and nose whenever you are using this product. Wear a proper medical-grade mask to protect your airways from this stuff.
  • After handling Diatomaceous Earth, wash your hands with water and soap. Always wear gloves when treating your home or pet.
  • Do not apply Diatomaceous Earth in open or windy areas as it can blow into the air easily. While applying it on the shelf, makes sure that your fans and AC unit are off to prevent such issues.
  • Seek the help of a professional while using any DE.

How Effective is Diatomaceous Earth?

Scientific research has demonstrated the beneficial properties of food-grade diatomaceous earth. Documented reported in the European Journal of Medicine, for instance, has highlighted the numerous benefits that the diatomaceous provides. It comes in many categories that come in handy in many ways. It boosts skin and digestive health, for instance, which is appealing. Make sure that you order food grade Diatomaceous Earth, though, as it is safer and the most effective.

Always consult a professional before buying and using Diatomaceous Earth to enjoy its health benefits. Such professionals will help you to choose the correct dosage. Moreover, make sure that your product is of the best quality. Many companies in this space offer artificially produced DE, which often has more pros than cons. Look for a reputable brand known for producing and selling quality products.

Ensure that the brand you are buying Diatomaceous Earth from has a good reputation. Check the reviews of your preferred brands and identify a company renowned for offering the best products in this niche. You should also check the packaging for clues of quality. Check the percentage of the purity of your product of choice. Make sure that the purity is 97% and above to get a valuable product that delivers.

Check out Wikipedia and National Pesticide Information Center for more information.