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The biggest mistake is to live your life without preparing for anything that might crop up. It is a big mistake because 1 out of 10 times, something always goes wrong.

WEN 56475 Generator

WEN 56475 Generator
A well-priced generator geared towards homeowners.
WEN 56475 Generator


  • You can manage oil changes and maintenance schedules via the digital readout.
  • It comes packed with an electric start, low-oil shutdown, an automatic voltage regulator, and an overload protector to maximize safety.
  • Approved for sale in all the 50 states as it meets CARB & EPA III standards.
  • Easily transport using a wheel kit and foldable handles.
  • Generates 4750 watts of power via a 223cc engine.
  • Weighs 112.5 pounds.
  • Produces noise with a rating of 67DB at 22 feet.

View the user manual for the WEN 56475 Generator.

Typical Wattage Requirements for Common Electrical Devices

The rated wattage is the maximum wattage the generator produces when running continuously.

On the other hand, the surge wattage is the maximum power produced by the generator for a short period. You will need a short surge of extra power in addition to its known rated wattage to start and stop the motors of most electrical devices like the refrigerator. This surge generates the extra power need to turn the device on and off.

Common Electrical Devices:


Read this in-depth buying guide for portable generators to learn more about wattage.

Overview | WEN 56475 Generator

I forgot the exact year when there was winter though not as bad as the lethal ones. It got very uncomfortable when everything was turning into ice. My father went through a tough time trying to keep us warm and fed throughout the winter.

Having logs of wood to burn at the fire would have helped, but those old school tricks are just as people know them, ‘old.’ Having a portable generator saves the day in case of such emergencies.

Everyone Should Own a Portable Generator

If there is a power fault, and you find yourself in total darkness, the generator can provide lighting. This is particularly helpful in major calamities like a storm or earthquake cutting off the power lines that would take some time to repair.

Camping feels safer and more enjoyable with a portable generator. Anyone working from home or living in the middle of nowhere, away from civilization, needs power and the safest solution is a portable generator.

I could write am exciting book about the benefits of having a portable generator, but I believe you already know a number of its importance. I have a favorite portable generator, the WEN 56475 4740-Watt generator, which I discuss below.

WEN 56475
Have all the necessary tools for its assembly.
WEN 56475

A Keyless Electric Start

You may think yanking on a pull cord is as easy as it sounds until you have to do it in the cold. This is outdated that nobody has to go through because the WEN 56475 generator comes with new technology. A tap of the electric start button will power up the generator effortlessly.

It Includes a Spark Arrestor

A spark arrestor prevents flammable debris from ejecting. It stops you from burning down a forest or putting a campsite in flames. Therefore, it is suitable for most people who love camping in sensitive areas like a national park.

WEN 56475
It comes with a 2-year warranty.
WEN 56475

Running Your Essentials

It is worth mentioning the few things that the generator can keep up and running just in case you think the machine is only useful for a limited purpose. You will not have to worry about your lights, TV, or electric essentials like your refrigerator. That sounds like comfort!

Easy-To-Read Digital Readout

Every machine needs periodic maintenance if you use it regularly. We tend to forget about this. Maintenance schedules are critical to ensure the generator is working at peak performance even when you need it the most. The WEN 56475 comes with a digital readout that will help you manage everything.

The WEN 56475 Protects Itself

Imagine you slipped and are falling on your face; your immediate instinct would be to shield your face from hitting the ground. Maybe you will snap your writs, but your face will be okay. How would a generator protect itself? The WEN 56475 cannot jump to protect itself, but it uses its low-oil shutdown, overload protection, and automatic voltage regulator to protect itself.

WEN 56475
Thankfully, it comes with an easy to install wheel kit.
WEN 56475

It Packs a Powerful Punch

The WEN 56475 is an excellent replacement for candles to help lighting and keeping you warm when the lights go out. As much as it is portable enough to carry around, it can maintain everything running on a small construction site. Fitted with a 223cc OHV engine, it generates 4750 watts of peak power.

Transport It Around Easily

Dust accumulates on static machines. As much as you need it for emergencies, you still expect it to be available for other things too. I believe no one needs a generator that only works where you install it. The WEN 56475 generator has foldable handles and a wheel kit for moving it.

WEN 56475
The product has a well-constructed efficient design with great features.
WEN 56475

The WEN 56475 Is a No-Brainer

I wish they made these machines back in the days when living involved so much pain. Everyone would have grown to appreciate just how useful a portable generator can be. The WEN 56475 gives you comfort at night, whether in a house or the middle of nowhere. This machine has many features at an affordable price.

This generator is a little louder than the more expensive ones, at 67 dB, 22 feet noise rating. It might not be the quietest portable generator around, but generally, you get a lot for your money plus top-notch reliability.


Portable Generator Safety

Generators emit carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a poisonous, odorless, and colorless gas. Smelling the generator exhaust is breathing in CO.

  • Generators are unsafe to use inside the house, garages, or enclosed areas. Fans and open windows do not provide enough air circulation.
  • You should use generators outside, far away from windows and doors. The openings pull in the CO exhaust.

Nest | Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Smoke Monitor

Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Smoke Monitor
Has a voice alarm warning. Connect via the app + 10-year warranty.
Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Smoke Monitor

CO may leak into your home when using a generator. Use a battery-powered/ backup CO alarm in your home.

Move to fresh air in case you start feeling sick or dizzy when you turn on the generator. Make sure you see a doctor because of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Additional WEN Generators in the Series

Even-though WEN has been around for over 60 years, it is not as recognizable as Black and Decker, but they have been working their way into the scene by refining their products.

From the WEN site:

Founded by Nick Anton back in 1951, WEN originally made its mark by helping bring tools and electricity together (putting the power into power tools). Our research and development team played a vital role in developing a variety of common everyday tools such as the chainsaw, the electric soldering gun, the electric jigsaw, the electric engraver, and the knife and wet wheel sharpeners. WEN even pioneered random orbital technology; the technology seen in most polishers, waxers, and buffers today that gives cars everywhere the streak-free shine they deserve

WEN 56180 1800-Watt | Portable Generator

WEN 56180 1800-Watt | Portable Generator
An excellent entry-level portable generator for homeowners
WEN 56180 1800-Watt | Portable Generator

View the manual for the WEN 56180 generator.


  • You can use it in all 50 states due to EPAIII and CARB compliance.
  • Produces 1800 surge watts and 1500 running watts
  • Runs for 7.5 hours off 1.45 gallons of gasoline at half load
  • Have two AC 120V 12.5A three-prong wall outlets and a cigarette-lighter 12V DC outlet.
  • The 4-stroke OHV engine shuts down automatically when oil is low. The spark arrestor enables you to use it in national parks and forests safely.

WEN 56352 3500-Watt | Portable Generator

WEN 56352 3500-Watt | Portable Generator
Run your lights, TV, refrigerator, sump pump, and other essentials.
WEN 56352 3500-Watt | Portable Generator

The machine has an overall wattage of 3000 Watts. However, do not attempt to draw more than 2400 Watts (20 A) from one of the 120V receptacles.

Documents for the WEN 56352 Generator:


  • Digital readout to manage maintenance.
  • Low oil shutdown protection.
  • Eleven-hour run-time (half load).
  • Installed wheel kit and foldable handles.
  • Installed 212cc engine producing 3500 surge Watts and 3000 rated Watts.

How to change the carburetor:

✓TIP: The generator can utilize the surge watts capacity for only a short time. Only connect electrical devices that require a rated wattage equal to or less than the generator. Connecting devices requiring an equal amount of the rated wattage as the generator can trip the circuit protectors.

WEN 56400 4050-Watt | Portable Generator

WEN 56400 4050-Watt | Portable Generator
Consider ordering the wheel kit with this model.
WEN 56400 4050-Watt | Portable Generator

This model (WEN 56410) requires you to buy the generator wheels and handle kit separately. This kit is essential since the machine weighs 95 lbs.

View the manual for the WEN 56400.


  • It has a low-oil shutdown and automatic voltage regulator for overload protection.
  • Switch from 120V to 240V using an installed voltage selector.
  • Has a spark arrestor.
  • It has a 212cc engine that produces 4050 surge watts and 3500 rated watts.
  • Runs for 11 hours at half load with a 4-gallon gas tank.

WEN 56551 5500-Watt | Portable Generator

WEN 56551 5500-Watt | Portable Generator
Low-oil shut down system protects it from damage.
WEN 56551 5500-Watt | Portable Generator

Documents for the WEN 56551:


  • 389cc OHV engine that provides 5,500 surge Watts and 5,000 running Watts.
  • 11 hours running time at half load on a 6.5-gallon fuel tank.
  • Protects electronics with an automatic voltage regulator.
  • Have four 120V 20A 3-pong outlets, a twist-lock 120/240V 30A outlet, and a cigarette-lighter12V DC outlet.
  • It has a two-year guarantee, including wheels and a handle kit.
  • Spark arrestor.
  • Meets EPA standards.

WEN 56682 7000-Watt | Portable Generator

WEN 56682 7000-Watt | Portable Generator
When the power goes down, you will want one of these around.
WEN 56682 7000-Watt | Portable Generator

View the manual for the WEN 56682 generator.


  • 390cc (13HP) engine that produces 7,000 surge Watts and 5,500 running Watts.
  • Works for 10 hours at half load with a 6.5-gallon fuel tank.
  • Keyless electric start.
  • Includes a 2-year warranty with a wheel kit, NEMA L14-30 plug, and adjustment wrenches.
  • Have four 120V 20A 3-prong outlets, a twist-lock 120/240V 30A outlet, and a cigarette-lighter12V DC outlet.

WEN 56877 9000-Watt | Portable Generator

WEN 56877 9000-Watt | Portable Generator
Generates sufficient power for running most appliances and power equipment.
WEN 56877 9000-Watt | Portable Generator



  • 420cc (115HP) OHV engine that produces 9000 surge Watts and 7000 running Watts.
  • Nine hours of run time at half load with a 6.5-gallon fuel tank.
  • Keyless electric start.
  • Have four 120V 20A 3-pong outlets, one 120/240V 30A twist lock, one 120V 30A twist lock, and a cigarette-lighter12V DC outlet.
  • 2-year warranty with wheel kit, NEMA L14-30 plug, and an adjustment wrench.

WEN 5613K 13000-Watt | Portable Generator

WEN 5613K 13000-Watt | Portable Generator
This ultimate back-up generator is a stunning machine!
WEN 5613K 13000-Watt | Portable Generator

View the manual for the WEN 5613K.

This generator comes equipped with safety features. A forced-air cooling system and low-oil shut down safeguards the unit from damage, while the automatic voltage regulator helps protect connected electronics.


  • 4-stroke OHV twin-cylinder 670cc engine that produces 13000 surge watts and 11000 rated watts.
  • Have four 120V 20A outlets, one 120V 30A outlet, one 120/240V 30A twist lock, one 240V outlet, and a cigarette-lighter12V DC outlet.
  • 5 hours run time at half load with an 8-gallon fuel tank.
  • Wheel and handle kit for easy transportation.


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