Troy Bilt Vortex 2890 | 3 Stage Snow Blower Review


Suppose it snowed heavily and you have to go through a great deal of snow. It is necessary to have a machine that can help you overcome this problem. Snow can be cumbersome to move more so when it gets thick and packed. A three-stage snow blower is perfect for this kind of job.

How does it Work? | 3 Stage Snow Blower

Snowblowers have a spinning auger designed to move, push, or throw snow. However, a 3-stage snow blower realizes greater cleaning capacity from using two heavy-duty spinning augers. It is fitted with an accelerator unlike the single and dual-stage snow blowers, which moves more snow through the chute faster and effectively.

The 3-stage snow blower tops the list featuring both the single-stage snowblower and the 2-stage snowblower. The three, augers made of stainless steel are the main difference.

Troy Bilt Vortex 2890
This can handle a blizzard and keep going.
Troy Bilt Vortex 2890

Stage one of cleaning using any of the snow blowers involves breaking up hard, packed debris of snow by the augers gathered and moved to the induction accelerator. At stage two, it chops and grounds snow into a powder by the accelerator. Lastly, it pushes it into the chute for disposal at stage three. The 3-stage snow blower can handle up to 21 inches of snow, throwing it as far as 50 feet away. It is important to aim the chute considerately.

Three Stage Snow Blower | who is it for?


The three-stage snow blowers are perfect for clearing large areas with the ability to clear over 60 feet of an area in a short while. This is necessary for people with large driveways that need snow clearing. It might be a little costly, but it is worth it for the power and convenience that comes with it.

Advantages | 3 stage Snow Blower

Three-stage snow blowers perform 50% higher in moving snow, in the sense that it clears more snow in less time and greater efficiency. You not only save the time you could be spending outside in the cold but also the gas. They can clear a wider path without having to re-blow repeatedly making them better than single and two-stage snow blowers.

A 3-stage snow blower is the best for commercial use. The efficiency and time saved using it are important in improving the quality of your services. It gives you the room to serve more clients and generally increase the return on investment. Would you consider this a gain or a loss in your business?

Troy Bilt Vortex 2890 | 3 Stage Snow Blower

Troy Bilt Vortex 2890 | 3 Stage Snow Blower
The perfect machine for deep snow.
Troy Bilt Vortex 2890 | 3 Stage Snow Blower

Sometimes the snow build-up is huge, and the Vortex 2890 3-stage snow blower can get the job done. The 12-inch accelerator has a Tory-Bilt electric start engine that spins ten times as fast as the augers. It breaks through the heaviest and wettest snowfall without a hustle, with the ability to clear a path covered with as much as 21-inches of snow with a single pass.

This powerful machine is easy to maneuver using its Touch ‘n Turn power steering. It is easy to make quick adjustments using its One-Hand operation. The X-Tarc tires have a premium design that can move through great heaps of snowfall. This allows clearing of snowfall from uneven surfaces.


The machine has heated handgrips installed to allow the user to hold on for a longer duration comfortably. A push-button electric start is on the manual recoil starter. Even though being heavier than 1-stage and 2-stage blowers, it performs better and is easy to maneuver.

Six forward & two reverse speeds.

The Vortex 2890 three Stage Snow Blower is a top-notch machine. It is necessary to have particularly in areas that experience heavy snowstorms or thick snowfalls.

Consumer Reports gave a 90/100 score on the Vortex 2890 three-stage snowblower review. They highlighted the following:

  • Removal speed is excellent.
  • Plough-pile removal is excellent.
  • Throwing distance is excellent.
  • Surface cleaning is very good.
  • Handling is excellent.
  • Ease of use is excellent.

In summary, this is a necessary machine if you live in areas that experience heavy snowfall because of its ability to handle massive amounts of snow fast and efficiently. It is necessary for homeowners with large properties that go through snow problems and perfect for commercial applications. Is it expensive? Yes, but it is worth it.

Troy-Bilt Quality Control

Here is the MANUAL for the Vortex 2890.


  • Control all wheels
  • Usable six forward and two reverse speeds
  • Clears 21×28-inches width of space
  • 4-way joystick chute control to adjust the pitch and direction of the chute
  • Fitted with 12-inch serrated steel augers
  • Adjustable and reversible profound skid shoes
  • Low-light reflective strips for safe operation in dark conditions
  • X-Trac snow tires (16x 6.5-inches).
  • Installed Troy-Bilt OHV with 4-cycles and 357cc*
  • Included 2-year warranty plus four-year auger gearbox warranty
  • One-Hand Operation – can be entirely controlled using one hand
  • It is a 3-stage blower
  • Fitted with heated handgrips
  • Installed in-dash headlights
  • Equipped with a push-button electric start

Buy hearing protection to use when operating the Troy -Bilt Vortex 2890.

Are three Stage Snow Blowers the Future?

Its true, 2 stage snow blowers are more popular and in higher demand than three-stage snow blowers. This is because of the three-stage blowers are suitable for tackling extreme snow situations. Two-stage snow blowers get the job done just as good on average snowfalls and are cheaper. You should consider the fact that snowfalls are unpredictable, so some may be heavier than others may.

As much as a 2-stage blower can get the job done, you will be trading more time and energy to achieve the same result as using a 3-stage snowblower. They eliminate the need to make numerous passes through the thick snow that might put you at risk of developing cold temperature related conditions.

In this modern era, many consumers are will to pay that extra money for a machine that saves times and protects them while using it. Quality and efficient machines are famous. There might be an upsurge on the demand for three stage blowers in the coming years because consumers finally realize the value they give.

Six Forward & Two Reverse Speeds.
Six Forward & Two Reverse Speeds.


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