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The Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E is an astronomical snow blower with a robust, reliable, and efficient design that comes at an affordable cost. This snow blower will not let you down. I think it will be your new best friend during the winter. Moreover, you will sleep comfortably knowing that you can handle heavy snowfall without hiring a professional – most people do. Snow or a blizzard will never catch you off guard.

Snow Joe SJ625E Ultra Snow Blower
Snow Joe is a master at making snow blowers for homeowners.
Snow Joe SJ625E Ultra Snow Blower

Having a Snow Joe SJ625E in your garage will be fun, as it will help you to clear snow buildup during blizzards and snowstorms effortlessly.

Snow Joe SJ625E | Electric Snow Blower

Snow Joe SJ625E | Electric Snow Blower
It has many stunning features, including a wide clearing area.
Snow Joe SJ625E | Electric Snow Blower

One of the mistakes people make is waiting for snowstorms to pelt their homes or localities before ordering a snow blower. Unfortunately, they are often too late to get the best products, as demand is higher. Local stores stock a few snow blowers, making finding the best one hard.

A refined version of this product, the Snow Joe SJ624E Ultra, is not available on the Internet. The manufacture has gone to great lengths to improve the product, which is admirable. For instance, Apple updates its smartphones every year to improve the available technology, ultimately offering its customers better products. The company has improved the design and efficacy of the Snow Joe SJ624E, which now retails offline and online as the Snow Joe SJ625E Ultra.

These YakTrax can prevent accidental falls in winter.

If these quality enhancements do not excite you, it would be fascinating to know that this snow blower comes at an affordable price. Overall, it is a fantastic choice for homeowners and professionals as well for many reasons. The snow blower is lightweight and easy to operate. It is also powerful, making it a top choice for homeowners planning for snowstorms or blizzards during winter.

Download and view the Snow Joe SJ625E Ultra’s MANUAL.


  • Picks snow quickly on mid-sized walkways and driveways.
  • It does not require oil, gas, or tune-ups, making it easy to start and maintain.
  • Three-watt LED light for blowing snow at night safely.
  • A powerful motor (15-amperes) can move up to 800 pounds of snow per minute.
  • Its steel auger has two rubber blades cuts with a wide cutting path (21-inches wide and 12-inches deep).
  • Adjustable directional chute (up to 180°) throws snow up to 20 feet.
  • Have compact wheels that boost its maneuverability.
  • ETL approved with a full two-year warranty.

Extension Cords

Our guide will help you to choose the best extension cord for your snow blower. However, Coleman 02589, in my opinion, is the best extension cord for handling most jobs. Thick, 12 gauge cords are the best, but high-quality 10-gauge cords is better if you need a long power cord, up to 100-feet. Why is this important? Thinner long cords allow electricity to flow quickly, lower the production of heat, and protect delicate electric parts of snow blowers. Thus, extension cords matter a lot. Most people do not know the reasons why.

 Coleman Cable 02509 100-Feet 12/3 SJTW Extension Cord, Orange
You will benefit from a long extension cord while clearing snow.
Coleman Cable 02509 100-Feet 12/3 SJTW Extension Cord, Orange

Overview | Snow Joe SJ625E Ultra

The Snow Joe Ultra has an adjustable discharge chute that spans over 180 degrees to offer you full control over a snow stream. The deflector on the chute also has an adjustable deflector for controlling the height of your snow’s stream. The all-terrain wheels glide smoothly, making the Snow Joe Ultra easy to maneuver or turn with each pass, while the scraper blade at the base clears thick snow from the ground without scraping or damaging installations such as pavements or decks. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E has an electric design that is easy to start and maintain. You do not need oil, gas, or tune-ups, as other models do.

The ETL-approved unit has a full two-year warranty that covers all defects. As such, if you experience heavy snowfall or have mid-sized driveways or walkways, Snow Joe SJ625E Ultra is your snow solution.

Snow Joe SJ625E Ultra
The LED light ensures safe nighttime snow clearing.
Snow Joe SJ625E Ultra

Snow Blowing Tips from Snow Joe

You can find more information in the manual.

  • Always remove foreign objects from your area of operation as the rotor blades can throw them around. Before firing up this tool, inspect the area thoroughly for hidden objects in the surrounding snow. Whenever you accidentally run over an item or pick a hard, foreign thing, turn off the snow blower, disconnect its extension cord, clear the obstruction, and check the machine for damage. Replace or repair damaged parts before restarting it.
  • Keep pets, children, and bystanders away from the snow blower and the area of operation. Also, you should know that the snow blower is somewhat loud and thus makes hearing people difficult.
  • When operating the snow thrower, use the side wheels as a pivot to ease its use. To use the pivot effectively, tilt the snow blower on its side and move it backward and forwards slowly to clean.
  • When clearing snow, your path should start from the electric outlet outwards, throwing snow back and forth. To clear the other side, step over the cord, pivot the machine on its wheels and make wide overlapping paths to clear a large area faster.
  • Always check the direction of the wind. For the best results, blow snow in the direction of the wind, not against the wind, to prevent snow from backing into your face or falling on the cleared path.
  • While the snow blower is in use, never drag the power cord roughly or violently. Use the snow thrower within the power cable’s range in your possession to boost its efficacy and safety.
  • Do not the snow thrower violently or with excessive force. Instead, use it gently and evenly and at the right throw rate.
  • Do not exert an unnecessary load on the snow blower’s engine as it might damage it over time.
  • Some parts of the snow thrower often freeze when the weather is cold. When this happens, you should stop operating the machine immediately to prevent damage. Then, unplug its extension cord and check the condition of its frozen parts. Free all rigid parts with a radiator or warm water before restarting the snow blower and use it on your lawn. Never use frozen controls at all costs.
  • When working on gravel, pebbles, or unpaved surfaces, push the snow blower’s handle down to prevent it from throwing loose rocks or surface materials around. Doing this lifts the scraper bar from the base, enabling it to clean most areas safely.
  • If you cover a wide area, use a definite pattern to cover more space quickly as you blow snow. Such patterns grant you better control of the snow throwing process; saving you time (Fig. 18). Pattern A: Throw the snow to the left or right, whichever is suitable. If you are covering a long driveway, it is a good idea to start in the middle. Plow snow from one end to the next, throwing it to both sides. Pattern B: If you can only throw snow on one side of the area / surface, you are cleaning, start on the other side.
Best Single Stage Snow Blower
Best Single Stage Snow Blower
We research for you to help you to find the best product(s).

Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO | 40V Battery Snow Blower

Dragging an extension cord around while blowing snow is tiresome. To avoid such heartaches, you should consider ordering a cordless snow blower such as the Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO. It has a 40V lithium-ion battery with a runtime of approximately 45 minutes on a single charge.

Snow Joe ION21SB-PRO | 40V Battery Snow Blower
Even though expensive, this quality snow blower always delivers.
Snow Joe ION21SB-PRO | 40V Battery Snow Blower

If you have a small yard and want to save some money on equipment, look for the Snow Joe iON21SB – a robust product that clears up to an 18-inch wide path (not 21-inches). Other than that, it has a similar design to the Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO but is less expensive. We have an in-depth review of both snow blowers that you can check out to learn more about the snow clearing abilities, similarities, and differences.

Download or view the MANUAL for the Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO.

TIP: Whenever you are using this snow blower, always wear proper protective clothing. Avoid wearing loose jewelry or clothes that the machine might catch and injure you while working on your laws/yard. A hat or a protective headgear can keep hair away from spinning parts.


  • Lightweight design (weighs just 36 pounds) but can clear large walkways and driveways.
  • The 40-Volt/5.0 Ah EcoSharp PRO lithium-ion battery (rechargeable) supports iON power tools and provides 65 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime per charge.
  • No gas, pull cords, tune-ups, oil, tangled extension cords, or carbon emissions.
  • Its steel auger has two rubber blades that can move up to 660 pounds of snow per minute while cutting a wide 21-inch path that is 8-inches deep without damaging the surface.
  • An auto-rotating directional chute (180 degrees) can throw snow up to 20 feet.
  • Three-watt LED headlight boosts visibility at night.
  • Powerful brushless motor (600-Watt) boosts battery efficiency, decreases noise/ vibration, maximizes motor performance, and extends motor life.
  • ETL approved design with a full 2-year warranty. Includes a battery and a charger (Energy Star certified).
Battery-powered equipment is costly. We hope that this will change in the future.



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