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The Intex 12×30 Metal Frame Pool Set is a dependable ground aboveground pool that can serve small to medium-sized pools well. As you might know, summer is around the corner, and many people have started planning for the hot weather by buying above ground pools. You are probably debating whether you should take the plunge (no pun intended) and order a new pool for your backyard.

Intex 12×30 Metal Frame Pool
INTEX metal frame pool offers a joyful and refreshing time.
Intex 12×30 Metal Frame Pool

We provide a detailed overview of the Intex 12×30 metal frame pool to help you make an informed decision. We review the bad and good, and the available size of the Intex metal frame pool, including:

The first number depicts its width in feet and the second its height in inches.


During hot summer days, lounging in a pool is fun and refreshing as it helps you cool off at home. The Intex 12×30 Metal Frame Pool is a recommended model for homes as it is large and durable. Even though top-rated, we have reviewed other god options to evaluate and choose the best for your home and family members.

To begin our top pick review, the Intex 12×30 metal frame pool set, let us first evaluate the famous Intex brand‘s history.

Intex 12×30 Metal Frame Pool Set
This fantastic pool is fun to lounge in on a hot day. You will difficult time getting your kids out of it.
Intex 12×30 Metal Frame Pool Set

Intex is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of above ground pools, airbeds, toys, spas, furniture, and boats. The brand is part of a large group of companies with over 40 years of experience.

Intex started their line of inflatable products in 1977 with the beach ball being their first product. They nowadays manufacture many products, including some of the best above ground swimming pools.

Here are some images from the Intex catalog in the seventies when the device was “The Wet Set.” Ah, the seventies, most of us do not miss this decade for a second. Most things were uglier back then.

Intex Pool Products: 1975 / 1977


If you are conscious about your surroundings or the environment, your values align with those of Intex. The company has worked closely with its supplier for more than ten years to recycle PVC. It remanufacturers bottles and other used product made from PVC into new products to prevent them from choking landfills. Check out their accomplishments from their safety & sustainability page.

Intex 12×30 Metal Frame Pool Set

The VIDEO shared below covers the construction process of the Intex 10×30 above ground pool to help you understand more about the product. Even though it is slightly smaller than the original one, it has remained the same aesthetically and structurally.

Intex produces metal frame pools of different shapes and sizes. Evaluate the available options and choose a model that can satisfy your needs. The larger pools in the pack are deeper than small ones.

VIDEO | How to level and install your Intex metal frame pool:

Intex has made this 12×30 above ground swimming pool customer-friendly by making it easy-to-assemble. You get an instructional DVD in each package with systematic instructions on setting up and maintaining this product. If you follow the instructions, you will have the pool ready in less than 30 minutes. Fill with water and jump in.

The Intex 12×30 metal frame pool has a durable design made from rust-resistant galvanized steel (frame) and a three-layered sidewall. You also receive a filter pump with 530 gallons per hour rating. We have the full features of this item at the end of the section.

The most remarkable attribute about this product is that you get a large pool at a fraction of other models’ cost. Therefore, you can create a large and comfortable environment that you will enjoy with your loved ones and create good memories for many years. Therefore, if you have never had an above ground swimming pool at home, we recommend that you check out the Intex 12×30 metal frame pool, as it is a good size — not too small or big – and has many satisfied customers all over the world. As Goldilocks said, “It is just right.” Also, it is inexpensive, durable, and effortless to maintain.

This pool can accommodate 4 to 7, depending on their size. Kids take less space than adults do. The pool weighs around 61 pounds.

If you want to replace your Intex pool’s ladder here are two versions:

Intex Pool Maintenance

Watch this video to know the required maintenance for an Intex 12×30 metal frame pool (or any other above ground swimming pool from Intex).

Pools are fun but require a bit of upkeep and maintenance to work right. Once you have set up the pool in your backyard, you cannot leave it to take care of it. You must ensure that PH levels are within the normal range. The filter should be clean, chlorine levels optimal, and pool circulation ideal. If you live the water to become cloudy or the sidewalls to become slimy, your pools have issues, including algae’s growth. These are signs of low pool maintenance.

Anyway, to ease pool maintenance and make life fun, spend more money on an Intex salt water system to handle pool care for you. The product uses saltwater to generate chlorine and uses copper ionization to sanitize the pool. You do not spend a dime on chlorine.

Intex Krystal Clear + 1000-Gallon Filter Pump Saltwater System
Intex Krystal Clear + 1000-Gallon Filter Pump Saltwater System.
Intex Krystal Clear + 1000-Gallon Filter Pump Saltwater System

Unfortunately, the stock filter systems that come with most pools are not compatible with this salt water system. Therefore, to benefit from what it has to offer, you will have to upgrade your stock filter with a compatible one such as Intex 1000 gallon. To save money in the end, the following brands are equally beneficial:

The Intex 15X48 metal frame pool set, with a 1000-gallon filter pump, is equally beneficial but is attainable at a considerably higher price. Furthermore, you purchase a saltwater system separately, which increases its cost further. In the end, decide guided by the things you consider essential. To determine your swimming pool’s actual price, always factor in how much you will spend over the pool’s life. Chlorine is expensive, while the saltwater system is cheap – apart from being a superior system.

Keep it Clean with Chlorine

If you have decided to set up a chlorinated system, you might need a couple of add-on accessories.

First, you will require chlorine – the tablets are great. You can order a batch at your local pool store or online. The best options include:

You can find chlorine tablets of different sizes.

CLOROX Pool And Spa 99 Chlorine Tablets (21 Pounds).
CLOROX Pool and Spa 99 Chlorine Tablets (21 pounds).
CLOROX Pool And Spa 99 Chlorine Tablets (21 Pounds).

The Swimline Floating Chlorine Dispenser and other similar floating systems are the best in this niche.

Intex Wall Mount Surface Skimmer
Swimline Floating Chlorine Dispenser.
Intex Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

The Intex Wall Mount Surface Skimmer is a cost-effective pool device that can trap debris such as leaves before they settle on the bottom of your pool. Pools are not cheap to construct and own. However, if you can set up a quality one and maintain it properly, your summer holiday with friends and family will be different – in a good way, that is. You can take a break from the heat at home.

 Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer
Keep your pool free of debris.
Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

You will have to put in a bit of effort to have a functional pool at home. If you are lazy or are now willing to maintain an Intex 12×30 metal frame pool, you should not install one at home. To keep a functional pool, you have to monitor your above ground pool always, paying keen attention to the salt water system.

You will also require a cover for protecting your Intex swimming pool when not in use: Intex Solar Pool Cover. We have more information about this product at the end of this article.


If you want to know more about these products, check out the FAQ section on the website. Visit the page and choose the correct pool type on the left of the screen. Moreover, if you are interested in the Intex 12×30 metal frame pool, select “metal frame.”

Learn more about the Intex 12×30 metal frame pool at Amazon.

Features (Intex 12×30 metal frame pool):

  • Rust-resistant frame made from galvanized steel.
  • Heavy-duty laminated sidewalls with three layers of material that boost its strength.
  • Has a drain plug for removing water quickly. Connect it to a garden hose and drain the water wherever you want quickly.
  • Measures 12 feet x 30 inches.
  • Has a 110-120V Krystal clear filter pump with a maximum flow rate of 530 gallons per hour.
  • Contains 1,718 gallons at 90% water capacity.
  • Has a wraparound band reinforcement that secures the legs to the frame.
  • Free DVD on set up and maintenance.
  • Auto shut off system turns off the pump a ground-fault circuit interrupter when exposed to water.
  • Boosts water clarity and hygiene via dual suction outlets by increasing the circulation of water.

More Above Ground Swimming Pools

If you are unsure whether the Intex 12×30 metal frame pool is the best product for you, many other effective models exist. I have handpicked and reviewed some of the best alternative above ground swimming pools to use. Make sure that you specify your needs beforehand and choose the best. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Budget
  • How many adults and children will be using the pool at any time?
  • Which level of maintenance are you willing to do?
  • How much free space is available in your backyard?
  • What is your preferred shape? So you want a round, oval, or rectangular pool?

Whether you love to play sports such as volleyball or swim laps in pools, a large oval or rectangular swimming pool is the best to buy.

Intex provides a detailed help page on How to Select an Above Ground Pool that can help you to select the best for your home.

Bestway 12×30 Pool | Steel Pro Round Frame Set

Bestway 12×30 Pool | Steel Pro Round Frame Set
Bestway 12×30 Steel Pro Round Frame Set.
Bestway 12×30 Pool | Steel Pro Round Frame Set

The Bestway 12×30 swimming pool is an excellent alternative to the Intex 12×30 above ground model. They look the same, but it costs slightly more money. Moreover, made from polyester mesh, a rustproof frame, and three-ply PVC walls, the product is durable. Finally, it is easy to set up in the summer, guides by its setup DVD.

Bestway 12×30 Pool
Easy to assemble and has a ladder for getting in and out.
Bestway 12×30 Pool


  • Measures around 12 feet x 30 inches high.
  • Free PVC repair patch kit.
  • Instructional DVD on setup and maintenance.
  • Easy to drain via a hose attached to a valve.
  • 330-gallon filter pump.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.

Intex 24x12x52 | Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool

Intex 24x12x52 | Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool
Sufficient room for your family members and friends
Intex 24x12x52 | Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool

You are getting a huge swimming pool so make sure that you have a level ground under the pool.

Includes a 1600g sand filter, ladder, ladder barrier, cover, ground cloth, volleyball set, deluxe maintenance kit, set up DVD, and GFCI

This pool does not require a lot of effort to set up at home. Although it comes in a bulky delivery box, it takes you a few minutes to set up.

Intex 24x12x52
The massive pool has many excellent features. You can swim laps.
Intex 24x12x52

Intex 15X48 | Easy Set Pool Set

Intex 15X48 | Easy Set Pool Set
The deep pool that offers lots of swimming space for the family
Intex 15X48 | Easy Set Pool Set

It includes a Krystal clear filter cartridge pump (1000 gallons per hour), ground cloth, a ladder, and a debris cover. You also get a DVD that covers its installation and maintenance, heavy-duty laminated sidewalls (PVC), and a versatile drain plug that you can connect to a garden hose and drain the pool anywhere in your yard or lawn.

To use an inflatable pool, you will need an air pump (electric) to keep its wall inflated. You can find good models online, and offline stores but Intex Quick-Fill Rechargeable Air Pump is the best.

 Intex Quick-Fill Rechargeable Air Pump, 110-120 Volt, Max. Air Flow 21.2CFM
Rechargeable Quick-Fill Intex Air Pump
Intex Quick-Fill Rechargeable Air Pump, 110-120 Volt, Max. Air Flow 21.2CFM

Features (Intex 15×48 Easy Set pool):

  • Has a Ground Fault Interrupter that automatically shuts down the pump whenever water enters its electrical components.
  • Ready to use in 15 minutes.
  • Contains 3736 gallons of water at 80% capacity.
  • Recommended for 6+-year-olds.

Intex 18X10X42 | Oval Frame Pool Set

Intex 18X10X42 | Oval Frame Pool Set
Suitable for playing water games on smaller yards
Intex 18X10X42 | Oval Frame Pool Set

The Intex 18x10x42 is one of the best above ground swimming pools for the whole family. It takes minutes to install and has a large oval shape suitable for swimming laps and playing pool games such as volleyball. The pool works well in small yards.

It includes a ladder, pool cover, ground cloth, wall mounted skimmer, and maintenance kit.


  • Easy set-up: To work, inflate its top ring and set up its steel frame for support.
  • Durable laminated sidewalls last three times longer than similar brands. Its triple-layered material is one of the best.
  • Has a drain plug that you can use with a garden hose for draining.
  • Free and set up and maintenance information on a DVD.
  • Have a 110-120-volt Filter Pump with GFCI and a flow rate of around 1,000 gallons (3,785 L) per hour.
  • Easy to install in 30 minutes.
  • Measures approximately18 feet x 10 feet x 42 inches (549cm x 305cm x 107cm).
  • Contains 2,885 Gallons (10,920 L) of water at 80% capacity.

Intex 18×52 | Ultra Frame Pool Set

Intex 18×52 | Ultra Frame Pool Set
Lasts for long because of its metal sidewalls
Intex 18×52 | Ultra Frame Pool Set

This Intex 18×52 above ground pool has a heavy-duty steel frame that outlasts other popular above ground swimming pools.


  • Intex measures 18-feet by 52-inches and contains up to 1600 gallons of water. Connect it to a pool filter and salt water system to maximize its performance.
  • Advanced eco-friendly filtration and sanitation system that included salt and sand.
  • Its galvanized steel frames are rust-resistant.
  • Long-lasting three-layer sidewalls.
  • Easy to drain by connecting a hose to its drain plug.
  • Low maintenance design requires routine backwashing to work optimally. You should also replace salt when needed and replace primary fitting at least once every five years.
  • Suitable for 6+-year-olds.
  • Has a detailed instruction DVD.
  • Has a Krystal clear system.

Intex 12×30 | Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set

Intex 12×30 | Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set
A charming pool for the your family — especially kids
Intex 12×30 | Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set

This 38-pound pool is suitable for children as it has imaginary outer sidewalls that add to its fascinating look. This is unlike standard pools that come in dull solid colors such as blue. It looks fantastic.


  • Quick set-up: To work, spread it on level ground, inflate its top ring, and then fill it with water.
  • The pool inflates automatically.
  • The touch laminated sidewalls have a durable three-layer design.
  • Have a drain plug for emptying it with a garden hose.
  • Installation and maintenance DVD provided..

Intex Solar Pool Cover | 12 feet Round Pools

Intex Solar Pool Cover | 12 Feet Round Pools
Intex Solar Pool Cover for 12 feet Round Pools.
Intex Solar Pool Cover | 12 Feet Round Pools

You can remove debris while keeping its water warm using the Intex Solar Pool Cover. The cover fits and works on 12-foot round pools.


  • The heat-retaining cover fits up to 12-foot round pools.
  • Lowers evaporation by around 95% while retaining heat.
  • Has drain holes that stop water from accumulating.
  • Easy to store as it has a reusable carry bag.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


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