Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 | Review


If you struggle to maintain a healthy lawn at home, the Greenworks Dethatcher (27022) will never let you down. While this might sound odd to some people, the key to having a lush and healthy lawn at home is a dethatching – whether you agree or not.

Greenworks Dethatcher 27022
Extremely effective and reliable for dethatching your lawn.
Greenworks Dethatcher 27022

Dethatching is a year-round activity but is best to do during the fall and spring, depending on your home’s grass species. Which are the signs that you need to detach your lawn? Well, keep reading as we have covered this topic in detail herein.

Should you dethatch your law – This is the question –

Before we review the GreenWorks Dethatcher (27022), let us learn a thing or two about ‘thatch.’

What is Thatch?

Thatch refers to a thick layer between the grass and the soil, typically composed of organic materials such as rhizomes, leaves, stolons, dead stems, dead grass, and roots. Even though most people think that thatch is good due to its organic composition, this is not always the case.

By creating a waterproof barrier between your soil and grass, thatch disrupts the natural flow of water, nutrient, and air, lowering moisture levels and its fertility over time. Primarily, contrary to the common belief, that will slowly choke the life out of your lawn, impeding growth.


Excessive thatch also encourages moss’ growth, provides a suitable habitat for insects, and harbor disease-causing organisms that will decimate your lawn. Moreover, from a biological perspective, thatch is dead and therefore does not add to lawns’ nutritional value in any way. It lacks biological activity, readily absorbs water, and dries faster than natural soils do, starving plants off the water in the summer.

Thatch is not 100% bad. However, if your lawn remains brown after mowing and watering your lawn, y6ou might have an excessive amount of thatch that needs action. Furthermore, if your yard feels ‘spongy’ when you jump or walk on it, you might have an excessive amount as well.

Too much Thatch is bad

Having too much thatch on your lawn is terrible as it will stifle growth and deny you the lush green lawn that you have always wanted. This was the case in my youth as my dad never dethatched out yard – we could have benefited from such a machine back in the eighties, as our lawn’s health was sub-par. Soft, healthy, and vibrant lawns provide a plush lounging spot that you can enjoy with your loved ones, kids, and or friends.

If the thatch on your lawn has grown to over ½-inc thick, you will have to dethatch soon to boost lawn health. To ascertain this, cut a small area of your lawn and use a measuring tape to check the thatch’s depth.

The GreenWorks Dethatcher (27022) – or any other premium model – can boost aeration, natural water flow, and nutrition of your lawn and stimulate natural growth. Thus, if you have a weathered lawn, you will notice a boost in its strength, thickness, and lushes in a few weeks.

You should consider detaching your lawn at least once every year, six weeks before the autumn’s frost and or before the soil heats up in the summer – but dethatching once every two years is also acceptable for lazy homeowners. Dethatching in the fall is the most beneficial because you can kill two birds with one stone. Apart from improving your lawn’s health, it can also slow the growth of weeds the following year.

Regular dethatching stimulates the growth of new buds from the base of grasses, preventing dead grass from accumulating at the grass base. As such, for a few minutes of work, you get new grass shoots free.

For the best results, never dethatch your lawn during a heatwave or a drought. Learn more about thatch.


Aerification is one of the best strategies for maintaining a healthy lawn, as it prevents the growth of thatch. Here is a quote from the Garden department at the University of Minnesota:

Compacted soils, primarily with poor drainage, are more susceptible to growing thatch than loose and well-draining soils. If you have such soil, consider aeration, as it can boost air penetration and moisture retention in compacted soils. Moreover, it can help the grasses on your lawn develop healthier and deeper root systems and stimulate microbes to break down thatch into a nutritious mash. For the best results, use an aerator with hollow times or spoons, as they lift the core of soil to the surface better than other comparable models.

Check out these aerators as they always get the job done:

GreenWorks Dethatcher | Model 27022

GreenWorks Dethatcher | Model 27022
The Best Dethatchers that you can buy.
GreenWorks Dethatcher | Model 27022

The GreenWorks Dethatcher is a robust yet simple to use power tool, engineered to remove thatch from lawns by lifting it to the surface, after which you can rake it and burn or dispose of it in your preferred way. The machine has multiple spinning tines that rotate vertically to pull thatch from that top layer of the soil.

This electricity-powered device uses a 10-ampere electric cord that you must manage while it is in use. For most people, this is a simple process, which they do not mind doing. The tool is also easy to maneuver on lawns without requiring unique skill and or energy. Thus, if you have never used one before, expect a memorable experience. Its use is as easy as vacuuming a carpet is.

To cover a larger area and get more work done faster, you will need a Southwire 25890002 2589SW0002 Outdoor Cord, a 12-gauge heavy-duty wire that can supply electricity GreenWorks Dethatcher. The power cable is 100 feet long, which is enough for most people and is available online or locally in many countries. Where you will order one is up to you but make sure you get an original product.

For more information about extension cords and access a free buying guide, our in-depth article titled “Buying the right extension cord” can help.

Southwire 25890002 2589SW0002 Outdoor Cord
Long enough for most lawns.
Southwire 25890002 2589SW0002 Outdoor Cord

From the description of this dethatcher, the product has tines with an adjustable depth (three), which is accurate but somewhat misleading at the same time. Even though the tines have three adjustable levels, one depth level is for transporting the tool and not for dethatching lawns. As such, you get two working depths – 3mm and 10mm.

If this is your first time interacting with GreenWorks, its quality should never be a concern, as the company has a reputation for making top-grade garden and lawn tools. Moreover, you are getting an affordable Dethatcher that produces reliable power and is easy to handle on lawns.

With each original model you purchase, GreenWorks offers you a four-year limited warranty. None of its competitors offers a similar guarantee. Personally, while ordering such an electrical product, I pay keen attention to the warranty while making my decision. This way, you are confident that that company will have your back whenever something goes wrong with the product or when it needs a quick fix. You also get a set of replacement tines from the manufacturer free.

Here is an awesome video of the dethatcher in action:

Before you detach your lawn, make sure that the grass is around 2-inches higher to allow the tool to dig deeper into the ground.

Moreover, you will have to buy a dethatch bag separately as this tool does not come with one. This is heartbreaking to some people, but it might be why the company manages to sell the Dethatcher cheap. If this is essential to you, you will have a better experience with the Sun Joe AJ801E, which we have discussed later on.

Before I conclude this review, I would like to reiterate that GreenWorks ranks among the best dethatchers for people with large lawns. If you have a contrary opinion, I implore you to identify a better model that delivers professional results and can withstand the test of time. From the uncoerced customer reviews shared online, it is evident that the product has satisfied the needs of thousands of people globally. It is also apparent that its reputation is top-notch, making it the ideal choice for your home.

Thus, if you need a heavy-duty product that excels at dethatching big lawns, this is one of the best products for you. If you need something that can handle more demanding jobs, you should check out the Agri-Fab 45-0343 Tine Dethatcher, which we have reviewed in detail herein.

View or download the manual of the GreenWorks Dethatcher 27022

Features (GreenWorks Dethatcher):

  • Push start operation.
  • 14-inch dethatching width.
  • Durable times (stainless steel) that stays sharp for a long time.
  • Comfortable bale grip (padded) for ergonomics and convenience.
  • Adjustable time depth (three positions).
  • Built-in extension cord lock that prevents accidental disconnection.
  • Lightweight design (31.5 pounds).
  • Free set (full) of replacement tines.

To help you learn more about the product, we have included this informative video on the Greenworks Dethatcher (27022) developed by HSN. While the infomercial is long and tedious, the video is worth checking out. It provides decent footage and facts about the Greenworks Dethatcher, which will help you make a better and informed decision.

The GreenWorks Dethatcher 27022 is a dependable product that has undergone many rigorous tests and passed.

Sun Joe Dethatcher | AJ801E

Sun Joe Dethatcher | AJ801E
Comes with a handy collection bag.
Sun Joe Dethatcher | AJ801E

The GreenWorks Dethatcher is an excellent device, but the Sun Joe AJ801E is a good option as well. Even though it is sturdier and slightly more expensive, you get a reliable product that delivers outstanding results on all fronts.

We are happy to let you know that the Sun Joe AJ801E Dethatcher has an 11.8-gallon collection bag that secures thatch as it clean. Thus, you will not spend hours raking your lawn afterward, which is good. Although you will pay a significant sum for it, the product is a time-saver but fills up quickly, so have a garbage bin or a skip around.

At 12 amps, you get a powerful product that can handle most jobs well. The cleaning path is approximately 13 inches, which is acceptable, while its air boost technology and adjustable depth control enable you to clean most types of lawns like a professional.

Sun Joe Dethatcher | AJ801E
Sun Joe Dethatcher | AJ801E

A major con of the Sun Joe AJ801E Dethatcher is that you get a 2-year warranty, compared to the 4-year warranty offered for the Greenworks Dethatcher.

View or download the manual for the Sun Joe AJ801E.

You will also need a 12-gauge extension cord.

Southwire 25890002 2589SW0002 Outdoor Cord
Long enough for most lawns.
Southwire 25890002 2589SW0002 Outdoor Cord


  • Powerful 12-amp motor.
  • Advanced AirBoost technology.
  • Instant start technology.
  • Weighs only 27 pounds.
  • 6-inch wide path.
  • Five-position depth control.
  • Spring steel tines.
  • ETL approved design.

Agri-Fab Tine Towable Dethatcher | 45-0343

Agri-Fab Tine Towable Dethatcher | 45-0343
If you have a large yard, will need this towable dethatcher.
Agri-Fab Tine Towable Dethatcher | 45-0343

If your lawn is large and you own a garden tractor at home, you will benefit from a new Agri-Fab45-0343 Tine Towable Dethatcher. However, you will need to weigh down the tool with a set of cinder blocks to dig deeper in your lawn because it is light. It comes pre-fitted with a steel rail on top –add a stone, a bag of sand, or concrete slabs to ground it.

Like this…

Agri-Fab45-0343 Tine Towable Dethatcher
An excellent dethatcher when weighted down.
Agri-Fab45-0343 Tine Towable Dethatcher

View or download the manual of the Agri-Fab45-0343 Tine Towable Dethatcher.


  • 14 rustproof and replaceable heat-treated tines.
  • Scratch-resistant powder coat paint.
  • Attaches to most popular lawn sweeper brands.
  • Scar-free wheel rolls easily.
  • 42-inches wide.
  • 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty.


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