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Who is Housebait?

Housebait is a reputable product review website that most of the products are related to Home Tools & Garden Equipments. We created the website to help people make intelligent and informed buying decisions when shopping for household products. The focus of this website was on CHAINSAW, pool accessories such as pumps, cleaners, salt generators, etc. However, we have expanded to include other household accessories such as leaf blowers, mosquito killers, tillers, and snow blowers to name few. Recently, we have also added indoor domestic accessories such as vacuum cleaners and robotic vacuums. In doing this, the aim is to provide detailed and accurate information via reviews and buying guides to help shoppers make intelligent decisions. We publish reviews on a website that you can access free at any time. Thoughts are in a logical order to ease understanding. We also published detailed buying guides and “how-to” guides.

What should you expect to gain from Housebait?

Have you ordered household products online a few times and failed to get your preferred item? Have you lost money a few times to rogue wholesalers or retailers because of your naivety? The will come to your aid in two broad ways. First, you will gain free access to detailed product reviews and comparisons to help you make an informed shopping choice. You will know the new and trending products in the market. You will also have a better understanding of some of the best performing household products, including hedgers, pool pumps, and pressure washers, to name a few. We vet products before review. Therefore, you can be sure that you are getting the best in the household niche.

Second, people who shop online have issues ranging from conning to identity theft. is not the custodian of the products we review, nor does it handle visitors’ financial details. However, the affiliate products we share herein are from retailers such as Amazon, who offer a secure payment platform. You can buy directly from without added costs. As a member of the Amazon Associates LLC, Amazon pays us a commission for each sale we make to help with administration costs.

How does Housebait develop content?

At Housebait, content development is an intricate process handled by a team of professionals. Our writers identify the bestselling household products in different niches and develop unbiased content that positively influences decision-making. An editor and a program developer create digital data that they upload to a website for your consumption. The website is free to use from all over the world. We also invite comments or suggestions on how to improve its content and design to better the experience of visitors. Product selection is unbiased. We are not an affiliate of any product or brand that you might find at Housebait. We intend to provide information that will help you be a smart shopper and save you time, money, and headaches. In addition, even though we do not test some products, the information is accurate and guided by research. Housebait does not collect nor share the personal information of visitors.

The Value for Money

 We only review and recommend products deemed to be of high quality and therefore, worth buying. The reviews are authentic and backed by multiple sets of data from the company and customers, to name a few. We also factor the brand’s history, industrial design, and service history in our review to make sure that people get the best experience while shopping. At, we do not recommend products that we would not spend money on and use at home. Even though humans are different, we opt for products that offer value for money and influence people’s lives positively.  Therefore, whether you are shopping for a power-efficient refrigerator or a washing machine that cleans pots, pans and cutlery with little water, expect the best experience.

I am an analytical and critical person by nature. I evaluate problems from different perspectives to minimize bias. I then incorporate diverse perspectives into my work to offer a comprehensive review that can satisfy most people’s needs as shoppers and humans. The ‘right’ decision is not absolute but contextual.  Therefore, there is no guarantee that whatever you present, as the best will appeal to all people – we are all different – and I respect that. To satisfy most people’s needs, I provide a range of recommendation and ideas and let people make an informed choice.

Most people shop for the cheapest products in their preferred online or offline stores. Unfortunately, they end up receiving low quality or poorly designed products that let them down in the end. Choosing a household product guided solely by its price is no intelligent decision. Price + projected reliability should be the bare minimum to get a product that is worth the money and that can serve you well at home or anywhere else. Do not make the dumb decision to rely solely on price irrespective of the household product you are buying offline or online. I do not recommend that you purchase the most expensive products either, but rather to look for a product that will be beneficial to you in the long term. We recommend that approach at However, the buck always stops with you. You determine the type of product that you will buy for your homes and whose advice to follow while shopping.

At, we adhere to a straightforward core principle:  Does the product we recommend do what it should do safely and reliably?

Beyond that, we factor individual needs and requirements such as:

  • Feature requirements: Which features do you need? Is it worth spending extra cash on features that you will never use?
  • Brand: What is the track record of the company in terms of manufacturing quality products? Is it trustworthy? What is their experience in their preferred niche?
  • Usability/Accessibility: Is the product easy to use? Is its design ideal?
  • Price: Can you afford the product? Do you need the product? Is an advanced model with more features worth the extra cost?
  • Future Projections: Where will the company be in two years? Will you be able to find replacement parts over the years?
  • Service Network: If a product fails under warranty, what do you do to get a replacement product or your damaged product repaired? Does it have a local service retailer? What is the warranty process?
  • Warranty: The length of a warranty is indicative of the reliability of a product—warranty matters. Do not overlook it.