Champion Power Equipment 46539 Portable Generator


Champion Power Equipment 46539
Has a low oil shut off feature that protects it from damage ().
Champion Power Equipment 46539

Champion Power Equipment 46539

Camping is a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor activity that most of us engage in with family members and friends. However, you must find a way of powering your lights, lights, and cooking equipment, as most sites are off the grid. To overcome this challenge, you will need a portable generator such as Champion Power Equipment 46539 due to its high rating and amazing quality. It has an RV ready design that you can hook up to your vehicle and use to power your essentials accessories.

During your camping, RVing, or hunting trips, a portable generator will help you to power electrical anywhere at any time. With the Champion 46539, for instance, you get many innovative features in a portable package that you can fit and transport in the trunk of your car. It has a durable, gas-powered design that you can set up effortlessly in all settings.

Champion Power Equipment 46539
Smooth-rolling wheels make this generator easy to transport.
Champion Power Equipment 46539


  • 4000 starting watts. 3500 running watts.
  • Has a TT-30R outlet that makes it RV Ready.
  • 120V AC load.
  • Long runtime (12 hours) at 50% load.
  • Quiet generator: 68 decibels (dBA) from 23 feet.
  • Outlets: 30A (120V) locking, 20A (120V) household outlets, and 30A (120V) RV — with Volt Guard security that protects sensitive appliances from power surges.
  • Push-button electric system with a wireless remote and easy pull recoil start.
  • Low oil sensor that shuts off the engine when oil level is low to prevent damage.
  • USDA-approved spark arrestor.
  • Long lasting steel frame.
  • Intelligently monitors its frequency, voltage, and hours of operation in real-time.
  • CARB and EPA Compliant design.

Download or View the Champion Power Equipment 46539’s MANUAL.

This portable generator has a 30Ampere RV outlet, two 120V/20A standard outlets, and a 120V/30A locking outlet, each with a Volt Guard technology that protects electrical appliances from power surges. It has a powerful design (3,500-watts/4,000-watts) with a reliable 4-stroke OHV engine that can power demanding accessories such as RV air conditioners (up to 15,000 BTU RV AC), power tools, and the following essential appliances whenever you have a power blackout.

  • Refrigerator
  • Sump pump
  • Lights
  • Furnace blower
  • Fan
Champion Power Equipment 46539’
You will be ready whenever a power emergency occurs.
Champion Power Equipment 46539’

A major feature of the Champion Power Equipment 46539 generator is its remote electric start system. It has a battery (9Ah/12V) that powers the electric start function, guaranteeing faster and efficient start-ups. What you do is push a button for the generator to fire up, unlike some models. You can also use a wireless remote (provided) to fire it up remotely. As such, once you have settled into your camper, you do not have to get out of bed to switch on the generator on a chilly morning. The remote enables you to fire it up from up to 80 feet, which is convenient. If the system runs out of charge or the remote fails, you can fire it up using a backup pull-start level. Like the push start system, the lever is very efficient and easy to use.

Like most premium generators, this unit has a secure wheel kit with never-flat tires (8 inches) that makes transporting and storing this 124-pound generator a breeze. It also has a durable steel frame and an anti-vibration damper that stops it from shaking so much while it is in use. The system not only boosts its performance but also dampens noise. At full power, it takes around 68 decibels (dB) from 23 feet away (this is equivalent to the sound from a normal conversation). The Champion Power Equipment 46539 generator has a CARB-compliant design with EPA-approval. In this high wattage range, the item has the best CARB-compliance, which is ideal.

Champion 46539 has multiple safety features that will not protect you and your electrical devices. Overload protection, for instance, prevents it from ruining sensitive devices. It also has a low oil sensor and gauge that shows the number of hours that it has been operational and other additional details. Finally, you get a 20-second power delay that protects your devices from damage whenever you are starting the generator. Because of this innovative system, you do not have to unplug appliances whenever you restart its engine. Champion 46539 has a fuel-efficient engine that uses around 1/3 a gallon of gas per hour. Therefore, the 3.8-gallon fuel tank enables you to power accessories for 12 hours when its system is at half load.

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Champion Power Equipment 46539 Vs Westinghouse WH3250RVC

Westinghouse WH3250RVC
Has a 13.5-hour runtime at 25% load.
Westinghouse WH3250RVC


  • 3,750 Starting/Surge Watts with Low THD and 3,250 Running Watts makes it safe for powering Sensitive Electronics). It also has a large fuel tank (4.0 gallons) with a 13.5 hour run time at 25% load.
  • Simple Operator Control Center with two 120VAC Power Outlets, an RV ready TT-30R Power Outlet, two individual circuit breakers, the main circuit breaker, Run/Stop Switch, and a Grounding Port.
  • Westinghouse (208cc) 4-Stroke OHV Engine has an Iron Sleeve that boosts its longevity. You do not have to maintain it often to work well.
  • It also has automatic low oil shutdown, puncture-proof tires, and a pulse-flo Westinghouse muffler that lowers noise.
  • The Plug-and-Play system includes a tool kit with oil and an oil funnel that you can use out of the box (minimal assembly required).
  • EPA & CARB Compliant design is legal to sell in California. you get a 3-year limited warranty on defects.
  • Read the original press release.

Download or View the Westinghouse WH3250RVC’s MANUAL.

The Champion Power Equipment 46539 is a robust product that excels in terms of reliability, quality, and convenience. It is cheap, like the Westinghouse WH3250RVC model, and has a powerful engine (208cc 4-stroke OHV0 that generates 3,250 running watts and 3,750 starting watts. As such, apart from small household and camping accessories, you can power an RV air conditioning system without it struggling. The Total Harmonic Distortion is low, which makes it one of the best brands for powering sensitive electronics such as cell phones and laptops.

The Westinghouse WH3250RVC has comparable features to the Champion 46539. It has a TT-30R RV Ready Power Outlet that you can use off the shelf, the main circuit breaker for safety, and two 120VAC outlets. It also has oil, a tool kit, and a funnel that enable you to use it off the shelf with little assemble. Its 4-gallon tank is slightly larger than the one of the Champion models but is not as power-efficient as Champion. At 50% load, you get a run time of approximately 10 hours, which is not good.

Westinghouse WH3250RVC
The robust frame and puncture-proof wheels last for many years.
Westinghouse WH3250RVC

This model stands out in terms of quality as well. It has a long-lasting steel frame with fold sown handles that make carrying it a breeze. The only difference between the Westinghouse WH3250 and Champion is that the latter has dual handlebars, which offer better control while it is in use compared to a single handlebar. Moreover, Westinghouse WH3250 is more user friendly than Champion 46539 as it has a simplified power control center with convenient color-coded controls.

These portable generators are convenient as they are effortless to use in recreational vehicles and trailers. Both are CARB compliant and quieter than conventional generators (gas-powered), making them suitable for use at home. This is a major factor to consider while planning for a camping trip as you will have a generator close to you always. You do not need a roaring in your head when you are trying to sleep at night.

However, we still have a ‘Champion’ among the two products that we have reviewed herein, mainly regarding their ease of use. The Champion Power Equipment 46539 has an electronic start feature that stands out in many ways. Unlike traditional pull cords that require a lot of effort to use, this superior unit is easy to use. You do not need thick muscles to start the product. It is also responsive. You only press a button once for the product to fire up. It even has a remote control that you can use to fire it up from a distance from your RV, trailer, or home, to name a few. All you should do is make sure that the line of sight of the remote and generator are clear for it to work. Overall, the reliable power that it generates and the push-button control system offered makes it a top choice for millions.

According to manufacturers, both generators have RV-ready designs with multiple convenient features. They are easy to set up off the shelf and made from heavy-duty materials that last for many years. However, like other top-grade generators in the market, make sure that you inspect the unit and make sure that you have set it up correctly before firing it up. During packaging and delivery, most generators endure a lot of abuse that can cause serious damage. You should also maintain its system as required to prevent damage over time.

Upon delivery, always check your generator from bottom to top for possible defects and request a replacement if needed. Watch out for loose bolts and screws as these often go ignored. You should also check the product for disconnected or loose wires and other issues the product might have developed in storage or during transportation. Finally, check the user guide to ensure proper assembly before firing up and using the product. This prevents unnecessary surprises in the end.


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